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David is the owner and the musher (guide) of the pack. Already at the age of 12, he had harnessed the labrador of the family home to a sled made from a pair of skis and an old chair. After a few years of service with mushers of the region, David created his own pack with which he entered a few races and went on numerous expeditions.

While pursuing advanced studies in history that led him to become a teacher, David always kept his dogs. When he decided to make his home on the land of his family’s farm with his wife Marie-Hélène, David decided, while working full time on the organic field crops and beef cattle farm, to live his passion by working with his dogs all winter.

Around the end of February, David participated in a few mid-distance races (about 100 km); races in which him and his dogs have finished in first or second place for a few years! Please know that when you leave on a ride, you also participate in the training of the dogs!

Marie-Hélène BÉLAIR

Marie-Hélène shares her passion for nature, the great wide open and animals with David. At Aventures Liguoriennes, she has the great joy of welcoming you upon your arrival. She makes sure young and old will have the nesessary equipment to stay warm all along the ride. She is also deeply involved with the socialization of the puppies and the training of the dogs.

Ever since she was young, Marie has always had a special feeling for all creatures of the Earth. It is her love for travel that led her to become a Spanish teacher, after having studied many languages.

David and Michaël

David and Michaël have been working with us for a few years, to our great happiness, that of our dogs and our visitors. Just like the rest of the team, their goal is to offer you a warm welcome and to guide you through our trails in a more than safe environment. They take part in the training of our Alaskan dogs as early as the fall and they make sure, with David and Marie-Hélène, that our four legged loyal companions live a happy life and are always given the royal treatment.


David breeds Alaskan dogs since the beginning of the adventure. This constantly evolving breed is probably the most versatile. Depending on the bloodline and the training given, this breed of dog can be a fearsome sprinter or an indefatigable long distance runner.

We have opted for the happy medium, preferring dogs a little bit heavier with a long fast and supple trot that allows to cover long distances in a short period of time.

Our dogs are real athletes and we show them a lot of love and the utmost respect. We will be happy to introduce you to them when you visit us and you will be able to witness their joy of running along our trails! Lastly, our dogs are all very sociable and they show a strong preference to anyone who generously gives out big hugs!

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