Ride procedures

Some useful information about our rides


The departure on the sleigh from the kennel allows you to find yourself with the pack right at the beginning of the adventure. You will have the opportunity to help with the harnessing of the teams or to simply hug our affectionate dogs as your guides prepare the sleighs.

Active participation

During the ride, you are two on a sleigh and at least one of the two persons must be able to drive the 5 to 6 dog team. Although not very difficult, driving a team still requires a good sense of balance as well as good reflexes, like most snow sports do (downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, skating). So you have to be in good physical condition. You will not have to run after the dogs however; they are well-trained (since the month of August!) in order to pull you during the entire ride at an average speed of 15 to 25 km/h, depending on the snow conditions.

Riding in a sitting position (with a guide)

It is possible to participate in the ride in a sitting position, in the warmth of a sled led by a guide; (please let us know in advance). We do not recommend the activity to pregnant women, as well as anyone with specific physical problems.

Double sleigh (driving assistance)

Our double sleigh is the formula you need if you want to live the driving experience, but with some assistance. A guide is standing behind you on a second steering bar. It is an interesting option for older children and adults who do not want the full responsibility of steering the sleigh! It is indeed the guide who does the steering movements for a smooth and safe ride.

Small groups

We leave with small groups one at the time and a guide always rides ahead with his team of dogs. The ratio is one guide for three sleighs.

Recommended clothing

It is essential to be dressed up adequately to fully enjoy your riding adventure. It is mandatory to wear snow boots, insulated snow pants, a good jacket, a tuque and gloves or mittens. Do not hesitate to wear multiple layers of clothing; it will allow you to adapt to numerous changes in temperature. Be ready to encounter strong winds during the ride, especially in the plains where the conditions are sometimes polar!

Dogsledding equipment:

  • One or two pairs of really warm socks
  • High snow boots (Sorel/Nats type -40)
  • Snow pants
  • Very warm jacket
  • Multi-layers under your jacket
  • Insulated and waterproof hot mittens
  • Ski goggles (mask)
  • Scarf or muffler
  • Tuque or bonnet
  • Hand and foot warmers (warming pouches that you slip in your boots or mitts for cold days!)

If needed, we will complete your equipment with great pleasure! We have some pieces of clothing (jackets, boots, pants) that we can lend you (for free); you just have to reserve them in advance!

We are waiting for you!

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